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Revenues from Logistics and Supply Chain

Logistics and supply chain can be a game changer in terms of creating new revenue for your company. If you break free of the silo thinking you may see ways to use logistics to make more money.

Logistics Revenue Ideas


Turning the Supply Chain into a Revenue Chain

Back in 2001 Harvard Business Review was already talking about ways to make money through supply chain. One example noted was laser surgery to correct myopia. Several of the companies that make the necessary equipment have chosen to share the revenues of doctors and clinics performing the procedures instead of extracting all their profits by selling the equipment outright.

Source: https://hbr.org/2001/03/turning-the-supply-chain-into-a-revenue-chain

6 Ways Supply Chain Visibility Can Increase Revenue

Supply chain execution has become a competitive differentiator in many industries. By integrating supply chain capabilities into product development and marketing strategies, organizations can often create new revenue sources or business models.

Source: http://www.socialsupplychains.com/6-ways-supply-chain-visibility-can-increase-revenue/

Strong supply chains increase revenue and profit

Business model innovations focused on improving networks, processes, services or channels can have significant and sustainable impact on the revenues of company. Focus on your supply chain as part of the business model of the firm.

Source: http://www.supplymanagement.com/news/2014/strong-supply-chains-increase-revenue-and-profit